45FT Long Highcube Containers

Available in Used and refurbished condition.
Compatible roadworthy chassis can be available.
9’6” High only

We solve temporary modular storage, field office and specialty equipment needs for every market sector.  TRS is uniquely qualified to provide containerized equipment solutions that our competitors cannot.  Rent dry freight, reefers, diesel generators, flatracks, opensides, highcubes, insulated, and chassis. TRS offers flexible rental periods and reasonable buyout options during the course of your lease.  For seasonal business or rapid deployment, TRS can help evaluate if renting or purchasing is the best choice.  In cases of natural disasters, technological incidents or terrorism TRS can quickly begin delivery. See our storage solutions and request a quote.

TRS fabricates and rents 10ft ft long steel containers. Currently unavailable in the second-hand container market TRS creates them to fill a void the construction, retail and military sectors. We cut a container to size and re-weld the original end-frame on for maximum security and structural integrity. With 8 corner castings and the 2 swing container doors in place the container can be loaded and lifted onto a scaffold

Many competitors simply cut a 20ft container in half and install a light roll up door to fill in the gap. TRS does not consider that product suitable for government or industry as it could be vandalized.

  • Additional height and length for oversized products.
  • Convenient delivery and pick up can be made rapidly.
  • Cost-Effective flexible rental periods.
  • Durable construction can survive natural disasters and harsh weather.
  • Extra length allows for multiple workspaces under one roof.
  • Fire Resistant and non-combustible.
  • Can be moved to multiple projects.
  • No assembly or foundation required.
  • Safe ground level access reduces risk of injury
  • Secure steel construction with multiple locking bars.
  • Water tight to protect material from the weather and vandals.
  • Ashtray vents to prevent condensation
  • Constructed of 14-gauge non-corrosive steel
  • Corner castings for overhead lifting
  • Fork pockets for empty lifting can be installed
  • Marine plywood floors treated to resist bugs and rodents
  • Multiple steel locking bars with hasps on doors
  • Painted with durable marine grade paint
  • Secure vandal proof locking bars with hasps on doors
  • Stackable 8 high loaded for space efficiency
  • Tie down lashing D-rings to secure material
  • Transport by truck, rail, ship or air
  • Two swing doors for full access to interior
Outside dimensions:
Length:          45 feet
Width:             8 feet
Height:           9’6”

Inside dimensions:
Length:          44’5”
Width:             7’8”
Height:           8’10”

Gross weight:      67,200 lbs
Loading:           56,660 lbs
Tare:              10,540 lbs

End door:
Width:             7’8”
Height:           8’5”

Total: 3,040 cubic feet

  • Basic Furniture, Shelving, Cabinets and Counters.
  • Bridge Fittings for horizontal locking
  • Security Lockboxes, locking bars and hockey puck locks.
  • Paint interior or exterior corporate colors.
  • Parts to ensure secure storage at unmanned construction sites.
  • Ramps
  • Twist locks when stacking containers