Febreze Commercial with TRS Container

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TRS Containers has sold containers for many unique projects. This was one of the funniest. TRS modified the container to function as a performing stage in lower Manhattan to prove Febreze does cover up odors. Tune in.

Container Music Video.

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Containers aren't just for storage anymore. They star in videos, on TV and in movies. Steel shipping and storage containers are a part of our culture because of their versatility. Want a container of your own? Contact TRS Containers NJ

TRS fabricated 2-story Container Mall

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TRS gets involved in many unique modified steel container projects. Recently we participated in the creation of a 2-story mixed use container structure built with in a pier. Space to include artist studios, markets,  performance space and a garden. Visit Philadelphia.  https://www.cherrystreetpier.com/space  

First Blog Articles

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Welcome to TRS Containers new website. Finally a comprehensive online store that provides specs and details of our diversified container and chassis inventory. In addition you will find our picture portfolio of the most sophisticated modification projects made with TRS craftsmanship. We welcome your comments, questions and orders. Enjoy TRS Containers