40ft Long Dry Freight Storage for Rent

  • Coordinating chassis available for rent or purchase
  • Flexible price points based on length of lease
  • Rent to Buy always an option
  • Rental containers available in different grades
  • Used structurally sound condition

TRS is a leading innovator and full-service provider of used and refurbished:

  • Heavy-duty ground level domestic containers
  • Sea worthy cargo containers
  • Field offices
  • Chassis
  • Modified container structures.
  • We offer NEW 40ft L X 8’6’ H containers for purchase

We solve temporary modular storage, field office and specialty equipment needs.
40ft Containers are easy to modify with additional doors, windows, vents, locks, etc.
Flexible rental periods.
For seasonal business or rapid deployment for disaster situations.
Ground level access offers safety and convenience when retrieving materials.
In cases of natural disasters, technological incidents or terrorism TRS can quickly begin delivery.
Reasonable buyout options during the course of your lease.
They can be mounted on our chassis for transportation or dock height.
TRS can help evaluate if renting or purchasing is the best choice.
TRS is uniquely qualified to provide containerized equipment solutions that our competitors cannot.
Two swing doors on one end make them highly secure for jobsites.

See our storage solutions and request a quote.

Dimensions are general and will vary based on the manufacturer’s specifications.  Please contact us for exact dimensions.

40ft L X 8ft W X 8’6” H
39’4” L X 7’8” W X 7’8” H
Door Opening:
7’8” W X 7’5” H
Gross Weight:
67,000 lbs
Tare Weight:  8,000 lbs
Interior: 2,350 Cubic Feet

  • Acquire assets with minimal initial expenditures.
  • Can be winched up so heavy machinery not needed.
  • Convenience of overhead crane loading.
  • Cost-Effective flexible rental periods.
  • Durable, stackable and flexible in construction design.
  • Fully intermodal so can be transported by ship, rail or truck.
  • Job complete return the equipment.
  • Less costs like maintenance.
  • No assembly or foundation required.
  • Offer Grades A, B, C at different price points.
  • Secure to protect tools on unmanned jobsites.
  • Tax deductible.
  • We offer buyout options during the course of the lease.
  • Ashtray vents to prevent condensation.
  • Constructed of 14-gauge non-corrosive steel.
  • Corner castings for overhead lifting.
  • Floor and ceiling tie down lashing D-rings.
  • Lifting blocks at each corner for overhead lifting.
  • Marine plywood floors treated to resist bugs and rodents.
  • Painted with durable marine grade paint.
  • Secure vandal proof locking bars with hasps on doors.
  • Stackable 8 high loaded for space efficiency.
  • Support weights in excess of 60,000lbs.
  • Transport by truck, rail, ship or air.
  • Two swing doors for full access to interior.
  • Vandal proof steel locking bars with 4 lockable hasps.
  • TRS requires a signed lease agreement to initiate the rental.
  • Agreement sets a buyout price if the box is lost, stolen, abandoned, or damaged.
  • Knowing costs upfront allows you to plan for a purchase if you need the asset permanently
  • Test out the asset and see if it will help your company grow.
  • The equipment can be bought out at any time during the agreement.
  • Easy conversion from rental to a buyout at any time.
  • Equipment is inspected and documented outbound and inbound.
  • Lessee responsible for Repair and missing items ie: hvac unit.
  • Monthly billing is on Credit Card.
  • Rate is based on the term of the agreement. Longer the term, rate goes down.
  • Reasonable 30 day minimum on all rentals.
  • Rental Option for used equipment only.
  • We rent coordinating chassis of dock height is needed.
  • Will customize a lease for long term commitments.
  • Basic Furniture, Shelving, Cabinets and Counters.
  • Bridge Fittings for horizontal locking
  • Security Lockboxes, locking bars and hockey puck locks.
  • Paint interior or exterior corporate colors.
  • Parts to ensure secure storage at unmanned construction sites.
  • Ramps
  • Twist locks when stacking containers