Rent to Buy Policy

To initiate a rental agreement with TRS we require a signed lease agreement.
The agreement establishes a buyout price should the chassis be lost, stolen, abandoned or heavily damaged. Knowing the cost may allow you to plan for an eventual purchase if you need the asset permanently

  • Owning a chassis is financially beneficial if your needs are long term.
  •             You can claim depreciation on your taxes.
  •             You can count it as an asset on your balance sheet.
  • Renting a chassis is beneficial if your needs are short term.
  •             Can test out the asset and see if it will help your company grow.
  •             No large outlay of capitol.

TRS can recommend a finance company to make this transaction seamless.
The equipment can be bought out at any time during the agreement.
Title is transferred upon TRS receiving final payment.
In the future if you no longer need the chassis we can sell it on consignment and in some cases purchase the back at a price based on current market conditions.