20ft L x 8ft High New Containers

  • Manufactured with 2 sets of corner castings.
  • New condition Only.
  • Special Order.
  • For Sale only.

TRS is a leading innovator and full-service provider of new, used and refurbished heavy-duty ground level domestic containers, sea worthy cargo containers, specialized containers, field offices, chassis and modified container structures. All of these container incarnations are utilized by the military, industrial, commercial, municipal and residential clients.

TRS has proven itself to be a competitive, reliable and responsive source for all types of containers and chassis including special order New one-trip 8 foot high X 20 foot long boxes. Best suited for air travel as well as emergency barge missions in cases of natural disaster, technological disaster and terrorism.

Our equipment options and services are unparalleled in our industry. For over 38 years TRS has provided customer care as we stand behind every product in our fleet.

Give TRS an opportunity to be the turnkey solution for your intermodal equipment needs.

  • This 8ft high model can be shipped via C-130 military plane, train, cargo vessel, barge or flatbed.
  • Lightweight they are manageable to stack or move at a construction site or military theater.
  • As a temporary project solution, containers are durable and easy to transport anywhere in the world.
  • Their ground level feature offers safety and convenience.
  • This model has swing doors on one end for maximum security.
  • 1.25 inch marine plywood floors treated to resist bugs and rodents.
  • Ashtray vents for air flow prevents condensation.
  • Factory blasted, primed and painted with marine grade paint for durability.
  • Lashing rings for securing material during transit.
  • Non-corrosive Corten 14 gauge steel construction.
  • Two sets of fork pockets.
  • Stackable 9 high.
  • Vandal proof steel locking bar system on doors.
  • Watertight with heavy rubber gaskets around doors.
  • CSC plate valid for 5 years from date of manufacture.

Dimensions are general and will vary based on the manufacturer’s specifications.  Please contact us for exact dimensions

External dimensions:
20ft L X 8ft W X 8ft High
Internal dimensions:

19’4” L X 7’8″ W X 7’4″ H
Door Opening:

7’8” W X 7′ H

Gross weight:           56,500 lbs
Loading:                     52,000 lbs
Tare:                            4500 lbs

Cubic Capacity:       1,098 cu ft

The Military and Oil Spill Response industry utilize these containers for rapid deployment:

  • Construction Utility Room.
  • Containerized Radar Detection Systems.
  • Fireproof and Explosion Proof Storage
  • Natural Disaster Command Center.
  • Oil spill response equipment housing.
  • Portable Office
  • Prison Watch Tower
  • Stackable Airport Control Tower
  • Fuel Cells.
  • Electronic Equipment.
  • Missiles.
  • Emergency Telecommunications Equipment.
  • Cleanup equipment for natural disaster occurrences.
  • Military weapons bunker.
  • TRS can remove one set of corner castings to provide the 8ft height.
  • Alarm Systems.
  • Custom flooring: vinyl tile, diamond plate, skid proof painting.
  • Electrical Package with lights, switch, panel box, outlets, hvac, baseboard heating.
  • Frame, Insulate and Panel.
  • Furniture and Shelving.
  • Paint interior or exterior corporate colors.
  • Personal Doors with locking hardware.
  • Shelving installed: wood or metal.
  • Windows with Security Bars.