40ft Long Modified Offices for Rent

  • Designed to travel, impervious to harsh elements the ideal building blocks
  • Flexible price points based on length of lease
  • Ground level feature safer than metal steps on a trailer
  • Office containers available in Used serviceable condition
  • Rent to buy always an economical option
  • TRS fabricates innovative and revolutionary shipping container concepts

In addition to the basic TRS Rental Open Space Offices, we can customize based on the length and terms of the rental agreement. TRS can perform custom modifications and design a workplace / lab / changing room to meet your specific needs.

 TRS is a leading innovator and full-service provider of used and refurbished ISO equipment.

Agreements with easy rent to purchase options.
Chassis for transport or dock height.
Container swing doors framed out so they still function.
Flexible rental periods for seasonal business or disaster situations.
Heavy-duty steel containers converted into work space.
Reasonable buyout options during the course of your lease.
Sea worthy cargo containers.
Solving temporary modular storage and field office needs.
TRS can help evaluate if renting or purchasing is the best choice.
TRS is uniquely qualified to provide containerized equipment solutions that our competitors cannot.

Interior dimensions will vary depending on alterations.
Framing, Insulating and Paneling takes absorbs 4” of interior cube from each wall and ceiling.

See our storage solutions and request a quote.

  • A temporary project solution.
  • Convenient delivery and pick up.
  • Cost-Effective flexible rental periods.
  • Enable agencies to expand mobile operations stat.
  • Ground level access reduces risk of injury
  • Instant office, show room, event space, Café.
  • Job complete return the equipment.
  • Less costs like maintenance.
  • No assembly or foundation required.
  • Receive assets with minimal initial expenditure.
  • Secure to protect tools on unmanned jobsites.
  • Tax deductible.
  • Watertight protection from the weather and vandals.
  • We offer buyout options during the course of the lease.

Standard Features:

  • 3068 man doors with lockable hardware
  • Electrical Package: lights, panel box, outlets, hvac, baseboard heating.
  • Flooring original wood with or without skidproof paint.
  • Frame, Insulate with R-13 frp and Paneling.
  • Furniture options: shelving, plan table, desk, benches, file cabinet
  • Ground level access so no slippery steps.
  • Heavy 14-gauge all-steel construction.
  • Open floor plan.
  • Plywood sheathing over 2 x 3 frame and frp insulation.
  • Transportable by truck.
  • Windows and with Security Bars.

Long Term Agreements allow for customer customizing:

  • Bathrooms with plumbing, vanity, toilet and accessories.
  • Construct half office and half cold storage.
  • Exhaust fans and vents: louver, turbine and thermostatically controlled exhausts.
  • Explosion proof lighting, switch and vents.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • Insulation: Multiple R-factors, Polyisocyanurate rigid board, Foil-faced kraft paper, polystyrene.
  • Interior Finish: Luan, plywood, OSB, sheetrock, Fiberlite.
  • Models without exterior openings due to false wall behind swing doors
  • Paint interior or exterior corporate colors.
  • Partitions installed for privacy
  • Roof Coating to keep steel corrugated roof waterproof
  • Service counter with expanded metal
  • Shelving + Racks constructed of steel, wire or wood
  • Smoke Detectors and Alarm systems.
  • Spotlight for night work.
  • Wall mounted J-box for phone/data connection
  • Basic Furniture, Shelving, Cabinets and Counters.
  • Bars on windows
  • Bridge Fittings for horizontal locking
  • King pin locks for chassis security
  • Lockbox on personnel doors.
  • Paint interior or exterior corporate colors.
  • Parts to ensure security at unmanned construction sites.
  • Ramps for forklift access.
  • Twist locks when stacking containers
  • Easy conversion from rental to a buyout at any time.
  • Equipment is inspected and documented outbound and inbound.
  • Lessee responsible for Repair and missing items ie: hvac unit.
  • Monthly billing is on Credit Card only.
  • Paint your color for a small upcharge on long term rentals.
  • Rate is based on the term of the agreement. Longer the term, rate goes down.
  • Reasonable 30 day minimum on all rentals.
  • Rental Option for used equipment only.
  • Renting will prevent a large outlay of capitol.
  • Short and long term rental options.
  • Signed lease agreement stating Lessee responsibilities is required.
  • Traditionally fast delivery and pickup times.
  • We rent coordinating chassis of dock height is needed.
  • Will customize a lease for long term commitments.