Diesel Generators for Rent

  • Available in USED condition
  • Easy to Clip-on Genset attach to Reefer Unit
  • For Sale or rent
  • Underslung Genset attaches to the Chassis

TRS is a leading innovator and full-service provider of new, used and refurbished intermodal equipment.

  • Heavy-duty ground level domestic containers
  • Sea worthy cargo containers
  • Specialized Units like Diesel Generators Sets to Power Reefers
  • Field offices
  • Chassis
  • Modified container structures.

Gensets are utilized by the Military, Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Residential clients.
Refrigeration containers are manufactured with Electric Only 460V commercial units installed.
Gensets are necessary to run a reefer when it cannot be hard wired to a power source.
Gensets are invaluable at seasonal functions, emergency power outages, construction jobs where electricity may not be available.
Gensets are equipped with a 120 gallon diesel fuel tank.

Our equipment options and services are unparalleled in our industry.
Let TRS be the turnkey solution for your intermodal equipment needs.

  • For sale or rent
  • Fuel heater/Fuel warmer.
  • Gensets are manufactured to meet international shipping line criteria.
  • ISO refrigeration containers are electric only. Gensets provide power.
  • Large aluminum service access door with self-locking/quick-release latch.
  • Safety stop controls for low oil pressure, high water temperature.
  • Stainless steel exhaust and hardware.
  • Underslung generators attach to the chassis and cables connect to the reefer.
  • TRS stocks running reefers for emergency situations or well-planned climate-controlled events.
  • Weight approximately 1675 lbs, less the fuel.
  • 15 Kw, 460 volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase power output.
  • Aluminum panels and doors with steel frame
  • Attaches to any ISO reefer container
  • Clip-on nose mount units easily attach to the container
  • Components powder-coated for durability and corrosion protection.
  • Constructed of aluminum panels and doors with steel frame.
  • Diesel Gensets are necessary to run a reefer when it cannot be hard wired to power.
  • Diesel gensets are suitable for an event, power outage, and startup construction job.
  • Electric reefers (Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daiken, ThermoKing) use gensets as an alternate power source.
  • Equipped with 120 gallon diesel fuel tank to run the reefer
  • For sale or rent