40ft Long Doubledoor Containers: 8’6′ H or 9’6″ H

  • Available in New Condition
  • Available for Sale
  • Available coordinating roadworthy chassis for sale + rent
  • If not available, TRS can fabricate a 40ft with additional access

TRS is a leading innovator and full-service provider of new, used and refurbished:

  • Heavy-duty ground level domestic containers
  • Sea worthy cargo containers
  • Specialized containers such as Standard and Highcube Doubledoor Units
  • Field offices
  • Chassis
  • Modified container structures.

All these container incarnations are utilized by the Military, Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Residential clients.
New One-trip 40ft L X 8ft W X 8’6″ H or 9’6′ H doubledoor cargo containers are manufactured with two swing doors at both ends for ease of access. The doubledoor feature allows a machine to drive straight thru the container and drop off materials.
The doubledoor feature provides additional light while searching for product.
TRS can install less expensive swing out, personnel or rollup doors in new or used containers.

If a doubledoor is unavailable TRS installs a door end-frame, roll up or swing doors to create a doubledoor.
As a full service depot operation TRS stocks container parts not commonly found in local depots for a fast production time.

Our equipment options and services are unparalleled in our industry. Let TRS be the turnkey solution for your intermodal equipment needs.

  • Aisles not necessary since you can access material from both ends
  • Doubledoors allow a forklift to drop and drive straight out; less damages occur.
  • Doubledoors provide the benefit of additional light.
  • Fire resistant
  • Ground level access reduces risk of injury on slippery steps
  • Ideal for multi-story construction like housing
  • ISO containers are fire resistant, flexible and durable
  • More cost effective than brick and mortar construction
  • No structural assembly or foundation required
  • Self-Contained secure mini-warehousing
  • Survive natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Temporary project solution, they are easy to transport from one event or jobsite to another
  • Their ground level feature offers safety and convenience
  • They are ideal portable stackable building blocks
  • They are recyclable as well as eco-friendly for the environment
  • Ashtray vents for air flow prevent condensation
  • Blasted, primed, painted with marine grade paint for durability
  • Constructed of 14-gauge non-corrosive cor-ten steel
  • Corner castings for easy lifting and repositioning
  • Fork pockets for empty lifting
  • High security steel lockbox standard on new units
  • Marine plywood floors treated to resist bugs and rodents
  • New container CSC plate valid for 5 years from date of manufacture
  • Stackable 8 high loaded for space efficiency
  • Standard sizing allows for transport by truck, rail, ship
  • Suitable for exporting cargo
  • Support weights in excess of 60,000 lbs.
  • Tie down steel lashing D-rings to secure material
  • Two swing doors on BOTH ENDS for full access to interior space
  • Vandal proof steel locking bars with hasps on doors
  • Watertight with heavy rubber gaskets around doors

Dimensions are general and will vary based on the manufacturer’s specifications.  Please contact us for exact dimensions


Exterior:                                                                                     Exterior:
40’L X 8ft W X 9’6’ H                                                                 40’ L X 8ft W X 8’6” H

Interior:                                                                                 Interior:
39’3” L X 7’8” W X 8’8” H                                                        39’3” L X 7’8” W X 7’8’ H

Door Opening:                                                                    Door Opening:
7’7” W X 8’5’ H                                                                           7’7” W X 7’5” H

Weight:                                                                                Weight:
Gross weight:   67197 lbs                                                    Gross weight:     67197 lbs     

Loading:           58819 lbs                                                     Loading:                59084 lbs
Tare:                 8378 lbs                                                         Tare:                      8113 lbs

Cubic Capacity: 2680 cubic feet                                        Cubic Capacity: 2380 cubic feet       

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Concession Stands
  • Command Centers
  • Construction Break and Changing Rooms
  • Emergency Equipment Enclosures
  • Event Branded Kiosk’s
  • Excess Seasonal Inventory Storage
  • Fireproof Storage: files, boats, power machinery, furniture
  • Garages
  • Gas powered equipment shelters
  • Military weapons storage
  • Mobile Welding Shops
  • Permanent or Temporary Housing
  • Portable Office
  • Portable Water filtration or Packaging Conveyor Housing
  • Stackable Airport Control Tower
  • **TRS can select an 40ft used standard container & install a roll up door opposite the original swing doors for an economical double door option
  • Alarm Systems
  • Custom flooring: vinyl tile, diamond plate, skid proof painting
  • Electrical Package with lights, switch, panel box, outlets, HVAC, baseboard heating
  • Frame, Insulate and Panel
  • Furniture and Shelving
  • Paint interior or exterior corporate colors
  • Personal Doors with locking hardware
  • Shelving and racks installed: wood or metal
  • Unistrut on the walls to attach equipment
  • Windows with Security Bars