40FT LONG DRY standard + Highcube Doubledoors

Available in New
Available for Sale or Fabrication
Available coordinating roadworthy chassis for sale + rent

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TRS is the sole owner of the modified, customized, fabricated photos appearing on our website. This includes and is not limited to containers, chassis and portable structures. The alterations were performed by our staff at our facility and we do not authorize their use outside of this site with or without watermarks.


TRS has a diversified inventory so the specifications listed are generic and offered to assist you with your decision making for future plans. Specs will vary per unit based on the manufacturer and vintage of the equipment. The information provided is informative only. TRS cannot be held responsible for original manufacturer specifications and tolerances.

New or one-trip containers are manufactured overseas and loaded with cargo abroad before being repositioned to the US. They acquire minor dents and scrapes. They are handled 7 or 8 times in transit. TRS Containers sells our new, one-trip containers free of any patches or welded sections. The year of manufacture can vary depending upon its arrival into the US, which is predicated on cargo availability from overseas.

The maximum payload capacity weights stated are based upon manufacturer’s equipment specifications only.