20ft Long Refrigeration & Insulated Containers for Rent

  • Available in Used serviceable condition
  • Manufactured in 460V, TRS offers transformers
  • Non-running insulated containers also available
  • Roadworthy chassis available for sale or rent

We solve temporary modular storage, field office and specialty equipment needs.
With a diversified inventory TRS is uniquely qualified to provide containerized equipment solutions that our competitors cannot.

In stock:
Used 20ft long Running Refrigeration containers to transport sensitive and perishable goods.

TRS stocks Used 20ft non-running or Insulated Containers for a less controlled environment.

  • Chassis available for dock height or transport.
  • Fast delivery in cases of Natural disasters, technological incidents or terrorism.
  • For seasonal business or rapid deployment for disaster situations,
  • In cases of natural disasters, technological incidents or terrorism TRS can quickly begin delivery.
  • Longer the lease the lower the rate.
  • Reasonable buyout options during the lease.
  • Test out the unit and see if you need it long term.
  • TRS can help evaluate if renting or purchasing is the best choice.
  • TRS can repositions the reefer to another project.
  • TRS offers flexible rental periods.

Exterior: 20ft L X 8ft X 8’6’ H
Door Opening: 7’5” W X 7’3” H
Cubic Capacity: 1010 cu ft
Tare Weight: 6500 lbs
Maximum Gross 52,800 Lbs

See our storage and shipping solutions and request a quote.

  • A temporary project solution.
  • Branded Events + Fairs: Instant Beer and food dispensaries.
  • Cost-Effective flexible rental periods.
  • Emergency Replacement Cold Room.
  • Ground level access reduces risk of injury
  • Keep perishable products at a steady temperature between 0 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Job complete return the equipment.
  • No assembly or foundation required.
  • Receive assets with minimal initial expenditure.
  • Secure: steel construction with multiple locking bars.
  • Tax deductible.
  • Watertight protection from the weather and vandals.
  • We offer buyout options during the course of the lease.
  • Aluminum or steel exterior with stainless steel interiors
  • Aluminum T-bar floor so air can circulate under the product
  • Dense foam insulation in the walls, floor, ceiling and doors
  • Electric Only Units.
  • Lifting blocks at each corner for overhead lifting.
  • Heavily gasketed doors to remain airtight.
  • No assembly or foundation required.
  • Stackable 8 high loaded for space efficiency.
  • Standard 460V 3-phase power
  • Transformers available to provide 230V
  • Transportable by truck, rail, ship or air
  • Two swing doors for full access to interior space.

While unit is operating accessing the container should be kept to a minimum.  Constant opening and closing of the doors could cause the compressor to malfunction.  Leaving the swing doors open could cause the condenser coil to freeze and the unit will not maintain the desired temperature.  Should this happen the unit must be defrosted, which can be done by switching the manual defrost switch.  The unit also has an automatic defrost mode.

We understand you must access the container as necessary, so we strongly suggest that you install a mylar curtain at the door end to prevent the cold air from escaping.

  • Easy conversion from rental to a buyout at any time.
  • Equipment is inspected and documented outbound and inbound.
  • Lessee responsible for Repair and missing items ie: hvac unit.
  • Monthly billing is on Credit Card only.
  • Rate is based on the term of the agreement. Longer the term, rate goes down.
  • Reasonable 30 day minimum on all rentals.
  • Rental Option for used equipment only.
  • Renting will prevent a large outlay of capitol.
  • Short and long term rental options.
  • Signed lease agreement stating Lessee responsibilities is required.
  • Traditionally fast delivery and pickup times.
  • We rent coordinating chassis of dock height is needed.
  • Will customize a lease for long term commitments.
  • Bridge Fittings for horizontal locking
  • King pin locks for chassis security
  • Lockbox on two swing doors
  • Optional Mylar / PVC strip containment curtain
  • Paint exterior corporate colors.
  • Shelves
  • Twist locks when stacking containers
  • Used condition only.
  • Add a personnel door and lights for a safe climate-controlled workroom.
  • Add LED lighting and it functions as a hydroponic farm.
  • Aluminum or muffler grade steel smooth skins.
  • Can be outfitted with a domestic roof mount RV a/c heat unit for climate control.
  • Durable and easy to clean interior stainless-steel liner.
    Fits on a standard chassis for transport and dock height access.
  • Install an oven and it functions as a kiln.
  • Insulated containers have the commercial refrigeration unit still mounted on the front.
  • The containers are watertight, structurally sound and lockable.
  • TRS sells and rents Insulated units when the reefer unit is beyond repair or unreliable for service.
  • Used insulated containers are referred to as Former Reefers.
  • 15 Kw,  460 volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase power output.
  • ISO refrigeration containers are electric only.
  • TRS offers clip-on diesel generator sets to run the unit until it can hardwired to a power source.
  • Easy to attach and detach from container.
  • Components powder-coated for durability and corrosion protection.
  • Fuel heater/Fuel warmer.
  • Stainless steel exhaust and hardware.
  • Safety stop controls for low oil pressure, high water temperature.
  • Fuel tank of 120 gallon capacity.
  • Large aluminum service access door with self-locking/quick-release latch.