TRS Profile

TRS Containers: who we are and how we can help

The TRS Inc., an American owned small business has evolved from a transportation equipment recovery firm to the nation’s premier retailer of new, used and modified ISO Inter-modal containers, durable ground storage containers, military ground support assemblies, milvans / conex boxes, chassis and customized container structures. TRS’​ goal is to service a client’s needs in days not weeks.

TRS is unique because we stock all types, sizes and grades of inter-modal equipment. Our inventory includes standard dry containers as well as limited edition new 20ft long removable hardtop open top containers. Our experience with the US Military and Offices of Emergency Management have taught us the value of inventory to rapidly respond to unexpected events.

Our mission at TRS Containers has been to utilize our industry experience, reliability and creativity in the new and second-hand transportation equipment industry enabling customers to acquire the temporary or permanent equipment they need to expand their business practices and achievements.

Employee talent is the cornerstone of our success and strength. Our dedicated employees use their expertise to deliver value for clients thereby developing loyal long-term customer relationships. Our staff is comprised of people whose proficiency is firmly rooted in the transportation equipment industry with areas of expertise in shipping, leasing, trucking and fabrication.

Our strategy is to continue to meet the challenges of our long-standing client base as we attract and satisfy new customers by offering the flexibility to rent or buy new and used equipment. A commitment to quality and reliability has enabled TRS to win hundreds of awards from the US Military and their Prime Contractors. TRS will continue to accommodate our customer’s needs by offering competitive prices, leasing, rental and buyback options for our standard containers and chassis.

Let TRS Containers be your single source for inter-modal transportation equipment solutions. From transportation equipment for export, job-site storage and expanding domestic applications, we deliver to your door.