20ft Long Modified Offices for Rent

  • *Pictures display both standard and customized TRS offices
  • Available in Used serviceable condition
  • Containers are 20’ L Open Space
  • Create a false wall inside the 2 swing doors for ultra-security
  • Roadworthy chassis available for sale or rent
  • Will customize an office for long term commitment

We solve temporary modular storage, field office and specialty equipment needs.
With a diversified inventory TRS is uniquely qualified to provide containerized equipment solutions that our competitors cannot.
TRS fabricates Used 20ft ft long steel containers space. A structurally sound container is converted into an office, lunchroom, breakroom, locker room, mobile welding shop, etc.

Basic offices include:
Personnel door, Windows, Insulation and Paneling, Heat and A/C.
Options can be included for long term rental:
Shelves and racks, Panic bar for door, Lockboxes, Ramps, Partitions, etc

Longer the lease the lower the rate.
Reasonable buyout options during the lease.
For seasonal business or rapid deployment for disaster situations.
TRS can help evaluate if renting or purchasing is the best choice.
Natural disasters, technological incidents or terrorism TRS can quickly begin delivery.
TRS can reposition the container to another or project.
We offer security options to protect the Space at unmanned jobs.

See our modular structure solutions and request a quote.

Exterior of the container is standard 20ft L X 8ft W X 8’6′ H
Interior of the insulated container is approximately 18’10” L X 7′ W X 7’H
Equipped with the standard 2 swing doors on one end.

In an emergency or in preparedness training program modified containers are a useful tool for local and state governments strategic plan. Durable, stackable, portable storage containers and container structures enable agencies to expand and mobilize their operations to protect the public.

  • Convenient delivery and pick up.
  • Cost-Effective flexible rental periods.
  • Enable agencies to expand mobile operations stat.
  • Ground level access reduces risk of injury
  • Instant office, show room, event space, Café.
  • Job complete return the equipment.
  • Less costs, no maintenance.
  • No assembly or foundation required.
  • Receive assets with minimal initial expenditure.
  • Secure to protect tools on unmanned jobsites.
  • Tax deductible.
  • We offer buyout options during the course of the lease.

Creating a functional and comfortable work space in field.

  • Furniture Options: benches, plan table, desk, file cabinets.
  • Heavy 14-gauge all-steel construction
  • HVAC units or A/C with baseboard heaters.
  • Lighting, switch, outlets, interior panel box
  • Lifting blocks at each corner for overhead lifting.
  • No assembly or foundation required.
  • Painted with durable marine grade paint.
  • R13 Insulation with finished walls
  • Stackable 8 high loaded for space efficiency.
  • Transportable by truck, rail, ship or air
  • Two swing doors for full access to interior space.
  • Personnel door with lockable hardware and lockbox.
  • Wood floor
  • Window with security bars
  • Basic Furniture, Shelving, Cabinets and Counters.
  • Bridge Fittings for horizontal locking
  • King pin locks for chassis security
  • Lockbox on personnel doors.
  • Paint interior or exterior corporate colors.
  • Parts to ensure security at unmanned construction sites.
  • Ramps for forklift access.
  • Twist locks when stacking containers