20ft Canvas Top Opentops

  • Available in Used Cargo Worthy Condition
  • Available with New or Used Watertight Tarp
  • Coordinating Chassis Available for Sale or Rent

TRS is a leading innovator and full-service provider of new, used and refurbished:

  • Heavy-duty ground level domestic containers
  • Sea worthy cargo containers
  • Specialized containers like Opentops
  • Field offices
  • Chassis
  • Modified container structures.

All of these container incarnations are utilized by the Military, Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Residential clients.
TRS offers both canvas and hard top opentops to store and transport oversized and overweight materials such as rolls of steel, lumber, and construction machinery.
Heavy duty steel top rails for structural support.
Includes heavy-duty canvas tarp with cable and aluminum bows for support.
When unavailable TRS can convert a standard container into a domestic opentop.

Our equipment options and services are unparalleled in our industry. Let TRS be the turnkey solution for your intermodal equipment needs.

  • Aluminum bows are removable.
  • Available for sale or rent
  • Can be re-inspected and suitable for shipping.
  • Container is equipped with a watertight repaired or new tarp, bows and cable.
  • Designed for the overhead loading of oversized or ultra-heavy cargo.
  • Durable, stackable and flexible in construction design.
  • Header rail above two swing doors can be removable or swing out.
  • Low tare weight allows for extra cargo.
  • Opentops offer the convenience of overhead loading.
  • Standard sizing allows for transport by truck, rail, ship.
  • Suitable for oversized and overweight cargo like steel or lumber.
  • The waterproof removable tarp alleviates shrink-wrapping the product.
  • Blasted, primed, painted with marine grade epoxy to reduce corrosion.
  • Constructed of 14-gauge non-corrosive cor-ten steel.
  • Corner castings for easy lifting and repositioning.
  • Fork pockets for empty lifting.
  • Heavy duty tarpaulin to protect the cargo
  • High strength thick top rails for structural support.
  • New container CSC plate valid for 5 years from date of manufacture.
  • Removable aluminum bows to support the tarp.
  • Removable or swivel header rail at door for unrestricted access
  • Stackable 9 high loaded for space efficiency.
  • Standard sizing allows for transport by truck, rail, ship or air
  • Tie down steel lashing D-rings to secure material.
  • Two swing doors for full access to interior space.
  • Vandal proof steel locking bars with hasps on doors.

Dimensions are general and will vary based on the manufacturer’s specifications.  Please contact us for exact dimensions.

External dimensions:
20ft L X 8ft W X 8’6′ H

Internal dimensions:
19’4″ L X 7’8″ W X 7’8″ H

Door Opening:
 7’8” W X 7’6′ H

Tare                    4840 lbs
Max Gross       67,200 lbs

  • Art
  • Assists military and oil spill response industry for rapid deployment:
  • Generators
  • Material that needs a crane to lift such as Marble or steel
  • Sexy Modular Swimming Pool
  • Ship oversized and unusual products worldwide:
  • Used to carry bulk items like coal or minerals