TRS, a long-time partner of the US Military, Major Corporations and Local Municipalities is open for business. Our product line can help with logistics and storage problems being faced during this crisis.

  • TRS sells secure lockable storage containers to prevent the disappearance of valuable masks, gloves, test kits.
  • TRS sells and rents chassis used to transport empty or loaded containers for dock height or mobility.
  • TRS sells climate-controlled running refrigeration containers to store biohazard and sensitive materials.
  • TRS can perform fabrication work to expand the containers value:
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Vents
    • Shelves
    • Paint
    • Vinyl floors
    • Window A/C
    • Baseboard Heat
    • Wall Paneling
  • TRS is delivering in the tri-state area on tiltbeds that slide containers to the ground OR power only that can back a container chassis setup up to a loading dock.

Call or email us for all options. We are open and monitoring updates from the State and CDC.

During these unprecedented times take special care to protect yourself, your colleagues and your family.