Delivery Options

Depending on the size of the container you wish to purchase and the condition of your property TRS can offer different delivery options.

  1. Flatbed / Chassis delivery which is traditionally more economical because the customer has the machinery to lift the container off of our wheels. TRS has the ability to deliver 1 x 20ft, 2 x 20ft, 1 x 40ft or 1 x 45ft long container in this manor. We have owner operators that will travel the country making these deliveries.
  2. Roll off delivery whereby the truck will be  loaded with a container handler at our facility and when he gets to your site he backs in, hits the hydraulic lever and as he pulls forward the dead weight of the container will slide it to the ground. We can deliver 1 x 20ft on a 35ft long truck that requires 60ft of straight hard level ground to make the drop. We can deliver 1 x 40ft or 1 x 45ft long container on a 75ft long truck that requires 120 ft minimum to make the drop. We can deliver 2 x 20ft containers on a 75ft long truck that requires 100 ft of space to back in twice to make the delivery.
  3. In all cases the container should be placed on hard packed gravel, asphalt or a concrete slab to prevent the container from sinking over time. In addition there should not be any low hanging wires or tree branches since the front sill of the container can go 18ft in the air before it slides to the ground.
  4. If you wish to send in your own carrier we do not charge to load and as a private facility we can process your truck quickly so waiting time is not incurred.
  5. For large scale projects we can deliver to a port so the containers can be loaded on a barge. TRS delivered in excess of 200 containers within a few short weeks for the temporary Nomadic Museum on the West side of Manhattan. The only way to meet the deadline was round the clock container deliveries to a barge in Elizabeth NJ who ferried them over.