20ft Long Slider Chassis

  • Older 20ft Flushback Chassis in Limited Quantities
  • Designed to Carry one 20ft standard height container
  • TRS sells New and Used Chassis
  • TRS rents Used Chassis

TRS is unique in our scope of products and services. In addition to standard, specialized and fabricated container structures we sell and rent ISO Chassis.

  • Availability can include New, Refurbished, Used and Fix It Yourself condition.
  • Domestic chassis will meet FHWA Roadworthy requirements.
  • If exporting chassis and no Ro-Ro service exists TRS can insert chassis in a container.
  • Parts for Sale
  • Registration Services
  • Repairs Performed
  • TRS sells ISO chassis for the safe and cost-effective transport of empty and loaded containers.
  • We can quote on New Tri-axles and Specialty Chassis.
  • We provide Used 20ft long sliders, 40ft goosenecks, 40ft 8-pin locks, and 40’ – 45’ Extendables.

 Visit our facility to survey and evaluate the quality, price points and grades of our chassis.

  • Chassis can raise your container to dock height for easy loading
  • Chassis can be stacked 5 high for space efficiency
  • Containers cannot be dangerously dragged off the chassis
  • Cost effective: no wasted time chaining down; load + lock
  • Driver safety: No chaining or climbing onto the roof of a container
  • No blocking is needed since the chassis allows full access to lift
  • Container Chassis setups can be converted into turnkey portable event space, emergency generators, data centers and more
  • Chassis is inspected and documented prior to leaving and upon return
  • Easy conversion from rental to a buyout at any time
  • Insurance is required from Lessee
  • Lessee responsible for all Maintenance + Repair items
  • Lessee responsible for damages or tire swaps while on rent
  • Reasonable 30 day minimum on all rentals
  • Traditionally fast turnaround time
  • We have a diversified inventory of chassis types
  • “As Is” when you have a mechanic on staff
  • TRS can mount your plate on the chassis
  • Basic Roadworthy units for export
  • Chassis sold in different conditions to meet client needs
  • Refurbished which includes new tires, brakes and paint
  • Roadworthy / FHWA to carry loads
  • TRS purchases chassis back when the market will allow
  • Upon payment in full client receives Title and Bill of Sale

20′ Tandem Slider chassis designed to haul one standard 20ft long ISO empty or loaded container. Meets over-the-road weight restrictions for 20′ container loads

Length                       23’6”
Extended                   27’6”
Width                         96”
5th Wheel Height     48”
King pin Placement 18”
Height                        52”
Axles                         2
Tare Weight              6,700 lbs. approx.
Gross Vehicle Weight 64,000 lbs.
Landing Gear Low profile sandshoe
Tire Size                    11R 22.5
Rim Wheels              8.25 X 22.5 hub tubeless
Paint: Zinc-rich primer with black urethane coating

  • Consignment if you want TRS to sell your chassis.
  • Inspections
  • Registration
  • Repairs
  • Sell Parts
  • Short term storage facility.
  • Stacking and Binding for Transit
  • Surveys prior to rental or purchase

Availability and pricing subject to change.  Specifications can vary based on Manufacturer, Age and State Requirements.  The technical information provided is for guidance only and TRS cannot be held responsible for original specs and tolerances.