40ft Long Refrigeration + Insulated Containers

  • Available in New and Used Condition
  • Available for Sale and Rent
  • Available as Running Reefers or Insulated Enclosures
  • Available for Ground Storage or International Shipping
  • Available Diesel Generator Sets for Sale and Rent

TRS is a leading innovator and full-service provider of new, used and refurbished:

  • Heavy-duty ground level domestic containers
  • Sea worthy cargo containers
  • Specialized containers like Running Refrigeration Containers
  • Field offices
  • Chassis
  • Modified container structures.

Our compliment of inventory includes:
New One-trip 40ft L X 8ft W X 9’6′ H Running Refrigeration Containers.
Used 40ft L X 8ft W X 9’6′ H Running Refrigeration Containers.
Used 40ft L X 8ft W X 8’6′ H OR 9’6′ H Non-running Reefers also called Insulated Containers.

Insulated containers can be modified to accept a domestic hvac unit.
Reefers are equipped with Commercial Refrigeration Units: Carrier, Thermoking, Daikin.

Strip curtains available to keep cold air in.
Maintains a set temperature to protect perishable products.
Can be hardwired to a building or placed in the cell of a ship.

  • Air tight, weatherproof, and rodent proof.
  • Can be hardwired to your building for instant cold storage
  • Climate Controlled to ensure freshness and reduce waste.
  • Clip-on Genset easy to mount on front end of reefer for uninterrupted power
  • Control temperature and humidity in a self-contained environment
  • Diesel Generators clip-on when there is no other source of power.
  • Durable, stackable and flexible in design
  • Extra foot of height allows for more storage and higher shelving capabilities
  • Ground level access reduces risk of injury on slippery steps.
  • Hazmat Chemical Storage
  • Hydroponic Produce and Marijuana farms are built into Containers.
  • Portable Morgue for disasters.
  • Store: Pharmaceuticals, Electronic Equipment, Flowers and Bulbs, Fish: perishables.
  • Temporary climate control shelter for events, festivals seasonal cold storage.
  • Aluminum t-bar floor over a basin so air circulates around the product
  • Corner castings for easy lifting and repositioning
  • 4” Dense foam insulation in walls, floor, ceiling and doors
  • Electric only reefer unit. Cord for plug is provided
  • Exterior panels are aluminum, fiberglass or muffler grade steel
  • Frame constructed of 14-gauge non-corrosive cor-ten steel
  • Keep perishable products in temps between -10F to 70F
  • Mylar/PVC strip containment curtains
  • Single or dual 220/440 volt 3 phase power,  50/60 hz, 25 – 30 amps
  • Standard sizing allows for transport by truck, rail, ship or air
  • Two swing doors at one end to keep the designated temperature
  • Unit has auto defrost mode
  • Washable stainless steel interiors

Dimensions are general and will vary based on the manufacturer’s specifications.  Please contact us for exact dimensions.

20ft L X 8ft W X 8’6′ H
38’5 L X 7’6′ W X 8’1″ H
Plymetal Door Opening:
7’6′ W X 8’4″ H

Max Gross Weight:                    65,680 lb
Tare Weight with reefer          9,280 lb
Payload                                           74,960 lb
Cubic Capacity:                           2,376 sq ft

  • Carrier, Daiken, Thermoking and Mitsubishi units available
  • Generator sets available to keep unit running while not plugged in.
  • Transformers available to provide dual voltage 220V / 230V
  • Install additional doors.
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Install Mylar / PVC strip Curtain to contain the cold air.
  • Install lights with switch
  • Install shelving
  • Remove the reefer unit then insulate and panel opening.
  • If a standard reefer configuration does not fit your application TRS can insulate, panel and climate control a standard steel freight container.
  • An insulated container is watertight, lockable and clean; however, the reefer unit is either beyond repair or unreliable for service.
  • Can be outfitted with a domestic roof mount RV a/c heat unit or domestic climate control.
  • Convert into kiln oven to dry wood.
  • If certain features of a reefer container like the aluminum T-bar floor are unsuitable for your application, we offer services to insulate and climate control a standard dry freight container.
  • Insulated containers are air tight to guard against freezing temps for storage of paint, grout, etc.
  • Insulated containers have the commercial refrigeration unit still mounted on the front.
  • Interior walls are durable and easy to clean interior stainless steel.
  • Running Reefer Features and Benefits apply to used Insulated Containers.
  • TRS can remove and dispose of the inoperative Reefer unit. Then insulate and enclose the opening.
  • TRS sells, rents and customizes Used Insulated containers.
  • Used insulated containers are referred to as Former Reefers.

Refrigeration containers are manufactured with Electric Only 460V commercial units installed.
Gensets provide uninterrupted power when a reefer cannot be hard wired to a power source.
TRS sells and rents Used Diesel Gensets.


  • Clip-on nose-mount gensets attach to the reefer container.
  • Underslung generators attach to a chassis via a cable.


  • 15 Kw, 460 volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase power output.
  • Constructed of aluminum panels and doors with steel frame.
  • Electric reefers (Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daiken, ThermoKing) use gensets as an alternate power source.
  • Equipped with a 120 gallon diesel fuel tank.
  • Equipped with Fuel heater/Fuel warmer.
  • Invaluable at seasonal functions, emergency power outages, construction jobs where electricity may not be available.
  • Safety stop controls for low oil pressure, high water temperature.
  • Stainless steel exhaust and hardware.