Military Support

TRS partners with the Military to standardize the movement of cargo in times of peace and war.  We supply 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft long freight containers, Milvans, Seacans, Conex’s to facilitate worldwide cargo transfer via ship, truck, rail and air.

  • Container Sales
  • Container Rental
  • Container Fabrication
  • New Manufacture of Specialized Containers
  • Chassis Sales + Rental
  • Replacement Parts
  • Deliveries
  • Repairs

TRS is a proud supplier, as both a Prime and Sub-contractor to virtually all US Military agencies since our inception over 38 years ago. We have been fortunate at home and abroad to be awarded thousands of contracts to help support efforts in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Guantanamo and all 50 States. TRS has proven ourselves to be an innovator & full-service provider of new, used and refurbished ISO ground level domestic containers, sea worthy cargo containers, specialized containers, field offices, chassis and modified container structures for military applications.

We offer competitive pricing, serviceable equipment and reliability which the Military depends on.  We comply with the rapid delivery timetable of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier in port waiting to be  deployed.  From new to used intermodal equipment our options and services are unparalleled in our industry. The US Military considers TRS a steadfast resource and we are proud of it.

Container Sales:

  • Canvas and Hardtop Opentops with removable roofs to load from above.
  • Collapsible Flatracks for transport of oversized equipment.
  • Diesel Generators to power Reefers.
  • DoubleDoors: Containers with doors on both ends.
  • Dry Freight Conex Containers (Milvans)
  • Height: 8 foot, 8’6” and 9’6” Highcubes.
  • Insulated Containers with non-working reefers on front.
  • Length: 10 foot, 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot Long.
  • New, Used, + Specialized Newly Manufactured Units.
  • Opensides: Containers with doors on the long sides.
  • Refrigeration Containers for climate control.

ISO Chassis:

  • Employed to transport empty or loaded containers.
  • New or used in FHWA roadworthy condition.
  • Provides dock height for loading.
  • Sell or Rent.

Container Rental:

  • Delivery option.
  • Dry Freight to Running Refrigeration Containers.
  • Nationwide Service.
  • Short and long term agreements.

Equipment Repairs:
Performed at our facility or on your base.

Domestically on a flatbed, chassis or hydraulic tiltbed truck.

Barge service.
Global Container Shipping Lines

Replacement Parts:
We can ship locking bars, door handles, new tarps and cable, rubber door gaskets, hasps, chassis sand shoes and more anywhere in the world.

Modification Options:

  • Air Compressors with anti-vibration pads.
  • Alter the length, height or width of a container.
  • Bathrooms with plumbing and accessories.
  • Crane extension, trolley and hoist with 34’ I-beam and tube support.
  • Explosion proof lighting, switch and vents.
  • Fans and vents: louver, turbine or thermostatically controlled exhausts.
  • Fire Escape Ladder.
  • Furniture: plan tables, file cabinets, shelving, hooks, counter tops, chairs, desks.
  • Insulation: fiberglass, Polyisocyanurate rigid board, Foil-faced reflective paper, polystyrene.
  • Grating installed for emergency spill containment.
  • HVAC nose mount or window units.
  • NEMA Fixtures, transformers, conduit, outlets, exit signs, panel box, weather proof GFCI Box.
  • Additional doors: personnel, roll up, Sliding Glass, Drop down.
  • Painting plus safety decals and markings affixed.
  • Panel: plywood, sheetrock, washable Fiberlite, Sound attenuation, Carpet.
  • Partitions for privacy in wood, steel, expanded metal.
  • Shelving + Racks constructed of steel, wire or plywood.
  • Sprinkler system with 4 heads tested to 200 psi with safety cage.
  • Stairs and magazines to create multi-level facilities
  • Steel Overlay slip proof or Diamond Plate floor.
  • Unistrut on the walls to attach equipment.
  • Windows in custom sizes and shapes.
  • Constructed of 14-gauge non-corrosive cor-ten steel.
  • Corner castings for easy lifting and repositioning.
  • Floor + ceiling tie down lashing D-rings to secure material fast.
  • Fork pockets for empty lifting.
  • Heavy duty floor tested to 16,000 lbs per 44 sq inches.
  • New container CSC plate valid for 5 years from date of manufacture.
  • Primed & painted with marine grade epoxy to reduce corrosion.
  • Stackable 9 high loaded for space efficiency.
  • Standard sizing allows for transport by truck, rail, ship or air
  • Two swing doors or more for full access to interior space.
  • Vandal proof steel locking bars with hasps on doors.


  • Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Computer Modules for portable research
  • Deployable physical training centers
  • Emergency Housing and Hospitals
  • Explosion proof barricades
  • Firing Ranges
  • Missile and Ammunition Transport and Storage
  • Mobile Command Centers
  • Multi-level training facilities with stairs and hatches
  • Oil spill response equiopment housing
  • Prison Watch Towers
  • Portable Offices and Firefighting Systems
  • Simulated cockpit for testing and training
  • Urban warfare centers / MOUTS.

2330   Trailers

3685   Specialized metal container manufacturing
4110   Refrigeration equipment
5410   Prefabricated and portable buildings
8140   Ammunition and nuclear ordnance boxes
8145   Specialized Shipping + Storage Containers
8150   Freight Containers

236220         Commercial and Institutional Building Construction.

332311         Prefabricated Metal Building and Manufacturing.
332312         Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing.
332439         Other Metal Container Manufacturing.
333415         Commercial Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing.
336212         Truck Trailer Manufacturing (chassis)
336999         Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing.
423830         Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers.
423860         Transportation Equipment Merchant Wholesalers.
493110         General Warehousing and Storage.
493120         Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage.
493190         Other Warehousing and Storage.
531130         Lessors of Mini-warehouses and Self-Storage Units.
532490         Other Commercial Equipment Rental and Leasing.